Sunless Hand-held spray Tanning

FOLLOW pre & post care guidelines for guaranteed results

If you want the best results from your mobile spray tanning experience, read below for easy-to-follow steps to take. You'll be glad you did.

Pre-spray care:

  • Exfoliate and shave at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment.

  • When exfoliating your skin, use an exfoliant specifically designed to prepare your skin for the sunless application. This will ensure that all oils and dead skin cells are removed from the body and enhances the spray tan results. A good exfoliator is Norvell Body Exfoliator.

  • Do Not use body wash that has a lot of fragrance in it like Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works- the fragrance will act like a barrier and not allow the spray tan to adhere to the body evenly.

  • Make sure all signs of DHA are completely removed from your skin if you have spray tanned before or used a self-tanner.

  • Do not put on any deodorant, make-up, oils, body spray, or perfume on your skin the day of your spray tan. If you do have any deodorant or make up on be sure to remove it prior to your appointment. 

During the appointment:

  • If your skin is dry, ask about our Pre-moisturizing spray solution that will...

      1.  Bind moisture within the skin, for 24hr hydration.

      2. Lock in DHA.

      3. Virtually eliminate common sunless odor.

      4. Boosts amino acid levels, which work directly with the active sunless ingredient, DHA, to produce maximum color results.

      5. Balances out skin surface prior to tanning to minimize orange look for that natural just off the beach™ color.

      6. Hydrates skin for even and maximum absorption of sunless solution.

  • If you need to get a pedicure or manicure make sure you do so at least one day before your spray tan.

  • If you wax make sure you do it a minimum of 48 hours before your spray tan.

After your appointment:

  • Wear what you feel comfortable in. If you choose to wear a bra and/or underwear make sure they are dark-colored. You can tan nude as well.

  • Make sure all hair is away from face and up off your neck.

  • Ask your spray tan technician for a PH balancing spray to remove any oils or dirt on your skin.

  • Do not touch your skin and follow all directions from the spray tan technician.

  • Ask about ways you can pro-long your tan.

  • Wait until you feel dry to put your garments back on.

  • Do not wear a bra or socks. (Bring flip flops if possible.)

  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothing. A dress or loose pants/shorts with a loose top is ideal.

  • Avoid water, sweat, cleaning products, the gym, and any strenuous activities that may cause your body to perspire.

  • Do not shower until after 8 hours. It takes a full 24 hours for the DHA to fully develop on your skin, so the longer you can avoid showering, the better.

  • For your first shower after your spray tan, simply rinse off- avoid any soap. You will see instant bronzer wash off- this is NORMAL. The bronzer was originally applied to help you see your tan...your actual tan is developed underneath the bronzer and is revealed after your first shower.

During The Life Of Your Tan:

  • Your spray tan should last approximately 7-10 days depending on how you maintain your skin.

  • Avoid pro-longed showers, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and pools.

  • Stay hydrated, drink lots of water.

  • Moisturize frequently. Avoid lotions with fragrance or alcohol in them.

  • Use a tan extender lotion. Best tan extender lotion is Norvell Pro-long Sunless Tan Extender.

  • Your face will be the first place your tan starts to fade- this is completely normal. Use a Facial Spray to keep that bronze glow.

  • Minimize the amount of shaving on your legs. If you need to shave, use a hair conditioner as the lathering agent instead of shaving cream or body wash

For a number of reasons, sunless tanning (also known as spray tanning) is on the rise. While we are strong supporters of healthy exposure to UV, many are interested in a UV-free option that also involves much less time in a salon.

Tanning takes at the most 15 minutes, once a week. After that, there’s no waiting time – you have gorgeous color instantly that lasts for 5-7 days with no additional maintenance (some tans last longer – it depends on each individuals skin).


Monthly – Auto pay$69.95

              • requires 6 month commitment
              • Includes 20% discount on all products
              • Limit 5 per month
    • 1 Session - $35
    • 3 Sessions - $75
    • 5 Sessions - $100

  • One Hour Rapid Tan – $45
  • BodyBuilder/Fitness Spray – $50
  • Double Dip – $45
  • Deluxe add-on to any session – $8